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L&G company can provide customized products and services for different customers and provide all-round solutions for customers.


Considerate service, Reliable product quality.

Professional Quality

Professional Quality

Great Value Enjoyment

365 Day Service, Rain Or Shine

365 Day Service, Rain Or Shine

Powerful after-sales service system, online all year round, perfect answer to after-sales customer questions

Team Guarantee To Relieve Worries

Team Guarantee To Relieve Worries

Strong production team, R & D team, marketing team, strength guarantee

First-Rate Service,Superior To Heart

First-Rate Service,Superior To Heart

Specialized in product,Expertise in electrical appliances.


Adhere to scientific design, rigorous production process and exquisite technology, and aspire to create high-quality electronic products.


Scientific and technological innovation, excellence, quality oriented and dedicated service.

L&G ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD factory in China mainland was established in 2007 and the HongKong office Was established in 2014. We turned into a manufacturer engaged in the R&D, manufacture and trading company of Switches, Thermal Protector, Potentiometer ,Rotary Rheo...



It is our objective to innovate with science and technology, keep improving and launch sound services.

How to use LEGTOP Wirewound Varistors

How to use LEGTOP Wirewound Varist

LEGTOP RT Rheostat Control the electrical resistance of a circuit without interrupting the flow of current.The rheostat is consisted of cera

How to use L&G 24 Position Rotary Switch

How to use L&G 24 Position Rotary

L&G Electronics as a professional 24 Position Rotary Switch,SP24T Switches,DP12T switch,MBB switche manufacturer and supplier in China, all

What Is Legtop Variable Resistor Rheostat

What Is Legtop Variable Resistor R

L&G Electronics as a professional Variable Resistor,25W Rheostat,50W Rheostat,100W Rheostat,150W Rheostat manufacturer and supplier in China


Mutual benefit and common development

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